Announcement of New Management Structure, Including Director Candidates

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Akatsuki Inc. held a Board of Directors meeting on March 25 and decided upon candidates for director to be proposed at the 12th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for June this year. Additionally, the company announces a new management structure that includes proposed candidates for director.


1. Director Candidates

The Board of Directors has chosen Kazuhiro Ishikura as a new director candidate. The approval and formal election of Mr. Ishikura, who will continue as Head of Investment Business and Co-Creation, will take place at the 12th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in June of 2022. Mr. Ishikura was appointed as Executive Officer of Akatsuki Inc. in 2018 and Representative Director of Akatsuki Ventures in January of 2022.

Name Current Title Reappointed / Newly Appointed
Tetsuro Koda Representative Director and CEO Reappointed
Yuki Totsuka Director, Head of Games Reappointed
Kazuhiro Ishikura Director, Head of Investment Business    and Head of Co-Creation Newly Appointed
Hisashi Katsuya Outside Director Reappointed
Tetsuya Mizuguchi Outside Director Reappointed


2. Auditors

Name Current Title
Yu Matsumoto Auditor
Eiji Katayama Outside Auditor
Kentaro Okamoto Outside Auditor


3. Executive Officers

Name Current Title
Yusuke Tanaka Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer (CTO & CISO)
Keiichi Yoneshima Chief Financial Officer (CFO)