Entertain the world.
Resonate with creators.

We believe entertainment can move people’s hearts.
It expands the world you see and deepens connections between
family, friends, and those you have yet to meet.
Entertainment creates experiences that are unforgettable in life.

By being true to our creative and expressive selves and by
resonating with artists and creators from around the world,
Akatsuki aims to continue to deliver entertainment
that moves
people’s hearts.

Our Corporate Values

To continuously improve not only our business but also the organization itself,
we strive to be a Teal organization that brings out the full potential and creativity of our employees.

Trust and Independence

The core of our organizational model lies in the trust placed in each employee as an individual who is capable of acting independently.

Constraints and Creativity

We bring out the creativity of each individual by setting boundaries and constraints and trusting our employees to act at their discretion.

Challenging and Learning

We are afraid of neither new challenges nor failure; rather, we embrace them as opportunities to learn, plan for the future, and evolve as an organization.

Our Kind of People

Akatsuki is a team of creative professionals that integrates logic and sensitivity.
We aim to promote mutual growth and make everyone shine through their work.

Ownership and Initiative

We value our initiative and sense of ownership; our members are true creators with a strong commitment to both their work and personal lives.

Passion and Curiosity for Entertainment

Our members have a genuine curiosity for entertainment and interact with it on a daily basis. We experience and understand that there is more to entertainment than simply being “fun.”

Our Core Values

Akatsuki’s core values are the guiding principles shared across our organization and the key drivers to achieve our mission.
These core values are what shaped Akatsuki’s standards for action, mindset, knowledge, skillset, and attitude.

HRT (Humility, Respect, and Trust)

This mindset is the keystone to building great relationships with our customers, business partners, and shareholders, as well as how we collaborate within the team to create heartfelt entertainment experiences.

Challenging and Learning

Continuous growth can only be achieved by repeatedly taking on challenges and internalizing the lessons those experiences provide. In facing both challenges within our field of entertainment and our organization, Akatsuki will always be ready to step up to the plate through precise planning and continuous learning.

Surprise Everyone

Entertainment is ultimately a series of expectations and surprises. Our entertainment provides a profound sense of excitement and wonder, for both our customers and our creators.