Dawn for the World

Akatsuki may not be the kind of company people usually imagine when they think of a company. Akatsuki was born in 2010 in a room in an apartment, with the concept of “bringing a new dawn to the world”. We were set on “changing the world with new products and new values, becoming a great company that will last over 100 years.” We don’t think of “greatness” as selling a lot of products, or having a lot of employees. But rather, as having a team philosophy. Gathering team members who are seriously about changing the world. Not running from difficulties, but facing them. And showing the world that we work that way. We believe “greatness “is a way of thinking, an attitude. We think that this serious attitude breathes the life into our products.

The best products from the best team

Believing all these things, there’s a reason why we chose games as our field of business. As smart phones have spread, games have spread even more throughout the world. Also, games have the power to excite us, to work up our emotions more than anything else. We sincerely hope to use this power found in games to make the world happy.

Now, based around this idea, members with many different personalities are gathering. We believe the best products come from the best team. For this very reason, we value being “logical”, yet “creative”; “free”, yet “ordered”; “self-sufficient”, yet “connected to the team”. We are building a team that adopts both sides of these seemingly contradictory ways of thinking. Consequently, we ourselves want to spend every day on the edge of our seats.

The way of Akatsuki

From here on out, we will aggressively pursue global development, setting our sites on becoming a company that represents not only Japan, but all of Asia. We think that the wonderful content that represents “Cool Japan” is a powerful weapon at our disposal. From here on out, more so than ever before, interesting and exciting challenges will await us. For now, we are still a small venture, with many things we cannot do, but we believe that someday we will achieve our dreams.

Pure, naïve, fun, Akatsuki. We will continue to help the world, following our signature way of “having a child’s heart and an adult’s brain”. For this as well, we humbly ask for all of your continued support and guidance.

Co-founder and CEO Genki Shiota