Akatsuki Inc. Turns Movie Projects Over to AMMO and AMMO Entertainment

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Tokyo, June 07, 2021—Akatsuki Inc. announced today that it has decided to turn over the management and execution of two movie projects US subsidiary Akatsuki Entertainment USA, Inc. (AE) is carrying out to Chuo City, Tokyo-based AMMO and California-based AMMO Entertainment.

Akatsuki set up AE in 2017 as a wholly owned local subsidiary to engage in bringing manga, novels, animated works, and other Japanese content to the global entertainment market. Since then AE has collaborated with Japanese intellectual property (IP) holders and US film production partners, bringing two projects to fruition with the completion of two titles, Root Letter and Room 203.

Akatsuki embraced its 10th anniversary in 2020 as an opportunity to embark on a new path, positioning its games and IP interests as its core businesses in a move to redefine itself as an IP producer with emphasis on games. As part of the company’s shift in direction and the attendant refocusing, it is turning over the two projects in progress at AE to AMMO and AMMO Entertainment. AMMO and AMMO Entertainment were founded by former AE officers who struck out on their own. Moving forward, the two companies will be taking over AE’s other projects and seeing them through to completion as well.

Akatsuki’s contracting the management and execution of the Root Letter and Room 203 projects allows AMMO and AMMO Entertainment to see the project through to its completion with the finalization of the films’ distribution. Akatsuki transferred the rights of the films in exchange for revenue share derived from the projects. Currently, negotiations in progress with potential distributors to get the films onto screens around the world. Content sales major Voltage is attached to Room 203.

Akatsuki believes this change will have little if any impact on either its non-consolidated or consolidated results.

About AMMO
Launched the Tokyo, an entertainment production company which develops, finances and produces feature films and content across all platforms for the global marketplace.

AMMO, Inc. primarily focuses on developing strategic partnerships between Hollywood and Japanese companies to acquire, develop and produce commercially driven intellectual properties including Japanese manga and anime. Most recently, finishing production on two feature films, Root Letter and Room 203.

AMMO, Inc. is helmed by IP acquisition specialist Moeko Suzuki who is named as CEO.


AMMO Entertainment
Ammo Entertainment, run by Annmarie Sairrino, is an independent production company based in Burbank, CA that has acquired the film library and intellectual property procured from her time at Akatsuki Entertainment. In partnership with AMMO, Inc. (Japan, run by Moeko Suzuki), there is a shared goal to continue to adapt and produce these specific niche films based on Japanese IP and Japanese-inspired stories. Aside from this notable library, moving forward, Sairrino will also independently continue to produce low budget thriller and horror titles and other commercially viable content for both film and tv. Created in September 2020 and recently wrapped production on two feature films, Root Letter, based off the popular Japanese game by Kadokawa Games and Room 203, based off the Kobunsha Publishing novel by Nanami Kamon.