Akatsuki engages in a variety of projects outside of our mobile gaming and live experience businesses.

Fish Record AR

“Fish Record AR” is a fishing entertainment application using augmented reality (AR) technology. The app’s “Snap, measure and compare” feature adds a new sense of fun to fishing.

This project is part of Akatsuki’s commitment to, and research in AR technology, born from an AR app competition held for all Akatsuki employees.

Using the ARKit measure function (AR Measure) to determine the size of a fish, other information such as fish species, location, tackle, and comments can be entered into one of the 101 division rankings based on fish species. Users can enjoy competing to catch the biggest fish, as well as viewing top records by others.

*Supported models: iOS 11 devices with ARKit compatibility


With a concept of “easy survival game access in the city”, ASOBIBA has has 5 survival game/airsoft facilities throughout the nation, including locations in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Yokohama.


Party creation service hacocoro provides party planning, venue management and catering services with a mission to deliver “soul-shaking experiences for your life”, operating in 15 areas around the nation.


A restaurant made by cheese lovers for cheese lovers to get more people loving cheese. Cheese Restaurant DAIGOMI has 2 locations in Tokyo’s Minamiaoyama and Ikebukuro.


Catering service goody ~nomad restaurant~ delivers food that is so good you’ll have to tell someone about it.


Stay as long as you like enjoying around 70 board games and 100 types of liquor and spirits at FLAT, a bar where adults can really have fun.


Developing new and unique activities like ARCHERY HUNT, COLOR GUN and ELECTRIC GUN, with regular and special events.


FLIP is a service to deliver instant flip books of the memorable moments/photo sessions in your wedding! Perfect for small gifts your guests can bring home.