Akatsuki Inc. Announces Director’s Retirement; Co-founder Genki Shiota to Step Down at June 24 AGM

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Tokyo, Japan, June 4, 2021—Akatsuki Inc. announced today that Co-founder and Non-executive Director Genki Shiota will step down from his post when his term of office ends after the 11th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for June 24, 2021.


1. Reason for retirement

Mr. Shiota co-founded Akatsuki with current Representative Director and CEO Tetsuro Koda in 2010 and served as the company’s first representative director and CEO. Mr. Shiota succeeded in leading Akatsuki to list on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2016, as well as its change of listing to the TSE’s First Section the following year. He led the company’s growth under its vision of A Heart Driven World—a future where people actively pursue what’s in their heart as their driving force to achieve happiness—and contributed significantly to Akatsuki’s business expansion. Since relinquishing the top post to his successor in June 2020, Mr. Shiota has served as a non-executive director and contributed to the creation of a teaming culture throughout the company by serving as Heart Driven Coach—a more objective position for coaching the Executive Leadership Team, the leaders who execute Akatuski’s strategies.
Motivated by a desire to contribute to the overall public good, Mr. Shiota has decided to step down from his directorship so that he may proceed to the next step in his life and spread the vision of “A Heart Driven World” to a wide range of fields beyond Akatsuki. Please note that Mr. Shiota will become an advisor to Akatsuki and will continue to contribute his support.


2. Retiring director

Genki Shiota (Non-executive Director)


3. Retirement date

June 24, 2021 (date of 11th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)


Comment from Genki Shiota

“Although I am stepping away from my role as director and will become an advisor, my feelings for Akatsuki are completely unchanged. Regardless of my position, I continue to treasure Akatsuki and root for its success, thus I intend to continue giving it my full support. Thank you all for your continuous support of Akatsuki.”

~ Genki Shiota, June 2021