Reached #1 Ranking on App Store Free Games Chart! HoneyWorks’ first rhythm game, HoneyWorks Premium Live, released on November 18th (Wednesday). Special present giveaway campaign on the official Twitter page.

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Akatsuki Inc.,(Headquarters: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, CEO Tetsuro Koda, hereinafter referred to as “Akatsuki”) and INCS toenter Co.,ltd.(Headquarters: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, CEO: Yu Tamura, hereinafter referred to as “INCS toenter”) are proud to present HoneyWorks’ first official smartphone based rhythm game , HoneyWorks Premium Live, releasing on November 18, 2020.
In addition, a special in-game login bonus will be offered to celebrate achieving 1st place in the App Store’s free games ranking chart.
The game’s official Twitter page will also be conducting special events to commemorate the release, starting with a special gift campaign.

<Download Here>
■App Store

■Google Play Store

■A special Login Bonus in appreciation for helping reach #1 on the App Store Free Games Ranking!In honor of the recent achievement of #1 Ranking on the App Store Free Games, a special login bonus of 500 Honey Diamonds (equivalent to 2 gacha spins) will be awarded.
※To be distributed at a later date, please check official HoneyWorks Premium Live Twitter account and in-game announcements for full details.

■To commemorate the launch of HoneyWorks Premium Live, check the official Twitter account for details on a special giveaway of gift codes and promotional goods signed by members of the voice cast

<Special Campaign details>
To join into the campaign, follow the official HoneyWorks Twitter account(@HoneyWorks_Game)and use the hastags「#リリースハニプレキャン1」,「#リリースハニプレキャン2」,「#リリースハニプレキャン3」, or「#リリースハニプレキャン4」to retweet and be entered in the lottery for signed promotional posters or gift codes!

<Campaign Dates> This campaign has ended on [November 29th, 2020].
Round 1:November 18 to 20, 2020
Round 2:November 21 to 23, 2020
Round 3:November 24 to 26, 2020
Round 4:November 27 to 29, 2020

<Giveaway Details>
First Prize:
HoneyWorks Premium Live poster signed by Sora Amemiya…3 winners
HoneyWorks Premium Live poster signed by Shiina Natsukawa…3 winners
Second ~ Fourth Prizes:
500JPY App Store & iTunes or Google Play Store gift card (digital code)…100 winners

■Special launch event! Check HoneyWorks’ official Twitter page for comments from the cast!
To commemorate the launch of HoneyWorks Premium Live, HoneyWorks’ official Twitter page will be hosting exclusive comments from the game’s talented cast.
Check out the Twitter page for full details.
Official Twitter:

■Special offer for the first 700,000 pre-registrations! Check here to learn about immediate rewards on launch for early joiners!
Upon launch of the game, a special pre-registration achievement reward of 17,500 Honey Diamonds (equivalent to 70 gacha spins) will be given out to up to 700,000 pre-registrations.
Pre-registration fees may be added depending on the final number of pre-registered users. Player’s will receive a notification of any rewards to be given, so please check the official Twitter page as well as the in-game announcements for details.

List of rewards given at launch for pre-registration
17,500 Honey Diamonds(Equivalent to 70 gacha spins)
☆3 Panmy(Uniform ver.)card
☆3 KumaMaru(Uniform ver.) card
☆3 CHiCO card
☆4 Panmy(DJ)card
Narumi Sena scene card
Narumi Sena scene card
Natsuki Enomoto and Yu Setoguchi scene card

■Launch Event “Autumn Tour 2020” Round 1!
A special, commemorative Open Gacha Event will start alongside the game launch on November 18.

■ About HoneyWorks Premium Live
HoneyWorks Premium Live is a smartphone based rhythm game developed by HoneyWorks. Many of HoneyWorks’ and CHiCO’s most popular music videos will be featured, and in-game music videos will be complete with full-color animation. Come and experience HoneyWorks’ first interactive music experience!

■ Service Overview
・Title:HoneyWorks official rhythm game HoneyWorks Premium Live
・Genre:Rhythm Game
・Release Date:November 18, 2020(Wed)
・Supported OS:iOS/Android(Compability may vary based on device/model)
・App Store:
・GooglePlay Store:
・Copyright Holder(s):© Akatsuki Inc. / INCS toenter Co.,ltd. /MusicRay’n Inc.
・Official Promotion Video:
・Official Twitter account(@HoneyWorks_Game
・Official Line account(@honeyworks_game

About Akatsuki
The core of Akatsuki’s business is mobile gaming and IP development, developing exciting and deeply moving experiences from an extensive portfolio to further join people and the world in shared joy and wonder.

Established June 2010
Capital 2,763 Million Yen(Period closing September, 2020)
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About INCS toenter

Company Name:INCS toenter Co., ltd
Address :5th Floor, 52-5, Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Established:June 30, 2004
CEO:Yu Tamura
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Music Publication (by 100% owned subsidiary, Ixi Music)
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