A Heart Driven World.

The pure excitement we felt as a child for each new day.

The genuine love, the unbridled emotions, the raw curiosity.

The heart. We believe that this is what drives our world.

In a time when we think too much and feel too little, it is not only money that creates lasting impact.

It is not only status that brings us happiness or power that stimulates our societies.

Instead, it is those inner emotions that lie deep within our hearts that will propel our world to a brighter place.

Our emotions are the key to unleashing the power of our hearts.

What exhilarates us? What makes our blood rush, our eyes sparkle, our hearts race?

When each and every one of us look inward and become true to our unique selves, we will realize the power of our hearts and emotions.

Only then will we discover how to use this power to bring more happiness to our world.

“A Heart Driven World.”

A world where we awaken to our true potential.

A world where we are our separate persons, but at heart, we are all interconnected.

A world where each of us can regain the wholeness we felt as a child, and in turn, attract, inspire, and connect with the wholeness of others.

In a small, one-room apartment in Tokyo, this is the world we imagined when we founded Akatsuki.

Some may call us dreamers, but we know we are not alone.

And if we ever think we have lost our way, we will ask ourselves this question.

Is what we are doing now truly heart driven?

Embark on your own journey to discover your true self.

Together, let us drive the world with our hearts.


Make The World Colorful.

“Dawn of the world.”

This is what the word Akatsuki means in Japanese.

Like the coming of dawn, we will be the instigator of change to make this world a brighter, more colorful place.

For us, entertainment is a unique medium with the power to move hearts and minds.

We believe in the power of entertainment.

It helps us see the world in different ways.

Our mundane, ordinary lives are injected with color, making our hearts race, and sometimes, even changing our behavior, perspective, and the way we live from that point on.

This positive impact is the true power of entertainment.

Making lives more colorful and abundant through experiences that move hearts.

That is our mission.

To achieve it, we will continue to be heart driven, following our emotions and what truly gives us excitement.

Because we believe that what moves our hearts will move the hearts of others.

We commit to not only saying or doing, but actually being heart driven.

This is how we shine our own unique light.

Because that light will make the world more colorful.