Created with special care.
Behind every product that Akatsuki puts out, there is a mission.


*Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Behind the cashier machines or the scalpels, lies a different story to be told. Reasons to become idols may differ but the ultimate goal is always the same. Let’s train those 3D characters into charming superstars!

Players will take on the role as a producer, scouting potential candidates with diverse backgrounds and making them the most popular idols of all!

August Cinderella Nine (iOS・Android)

This game combines themes of youth, high school girls, and baseball. Players are team managers, coaching the charming girl characters as they jointly chase their dream: the “Koshien” national baseball tournament.
Players progress through various baseball activities and develop their team members to their liking, but sometimes the heroines have worries and conflicts that must be resolved. Promoting growth as athletes is key, closely linking with the “youth” theme and leading to a rich gaming experience as players gain a deep understanding of the heroines.


*Collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Cinderella Eleven (iOS・Android)

iOS and Android versions of Akatsuki’s popular “Cinderella Eleven”.
A newly created soccer club serves as the stage for training high school girls as they strive to win the national championship in this rearing-type social game. Players act as team managers, scouting amongst colorful characters with unique personalities, forming a team, and conducting practices and special training to strengthen the athletes. In addition to functional improvements such as varied costumes and changing facial expressions, players can greatly enjoy soccer matches employing full-fledged data.

Cinderella Nine

Scout and train athletes to create and develop your own high school girls’ baseball team!
You can surely find an ideal team from amongst more than 300 charming characters!
Visit more than 50 countries to scout for your team, from outer space to Atlantis (?!), or maybe you will experience a Cinderella story, putting the glass slipper on a girl next door. Only 9 can be chosen from among 300.
Create your very own “Cinderella Nine” with your own hands!