The Live Experience (LX) business provides real activities that are raw, realistic, exciting, and experience-based.


Located directly adjacent to Yokohama Station is ASOBUILD, an experience-based entertainment facility that is all about exciting, eye-opening experiences to make your heart race.


No need to go for the smash. A new Mixed Reality (MR) ping pong activity.

“PONG!PONG!” is a MR activity involving ping pong tables and projection mapping. Players attempt to gain points by breaking blocks projected onto the table with real ping pong balls.

Breaking the blocks does not require speed or smashes. The game is suitable for all skill levels and age groups. Enjoy a new type of ping pong together!


The “Sotoasobi” service specializes in reservations for outdoor and leisure activities, with “Sotoasobi curators” carefully selecting tours with activities that even first-timers can enjoy.

“Sotoasobi” includes all types of outdoor experiences and leisure activities, utilizing pro guides.
Curators have lengthy experience in the outdoor & leisure industry and recommend carefully selected tours. As a rule, the curators preview the venue, confirm tour details, and ensure that the activity can serve as the purpose of a journey.
Users can make reservations with confidence, knowing that tour providers are offering their lowest published prices on our site.


With a concept of “easy survival game access in the city”, ASOBIBA has has 5 survival game/airsoft facilities throughout the nation, including locations in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Yokohama.


Party creation service hacocoro provides party planning, venue management and catering services with a mission to deliver “soul-shaking experiences for your life”, operating in 15 areas around the nation.


A restaurant made by cheese lovers for cheese lovers to get more people loving cheese. Cheese Restaurant DAIGOMI has 2 locations in Tokyo’s Minamiaoyama and Ikebukuro.


Catering service goody ~nomad restaurant~ delivers food that is so good you’ll have to tell someone about it.


Developing new and unique activities like ARCHERY HUNT, COLOR GUN and ELECTRIC GUN, with regular and special events.