Shareholders - thank you very much for your continued support. Akatsuki listed on the Mothers market on March 17, 2016. We extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who supported us and want to take this opportunity to again share some words about our corporate vision.

Akatsuki began in a single room back in 2010, with a vision of bringing a "New Dawn for the World". From the start, our thought has been to "change the world with our new products and team, becoming a 'great company' lasting over 100 years."
Please let me explain about this.

-- A Society that Develops with Emotion as a Reward --

We have a social vision that we hope to see realized. We envision a new society where people pursue excitement and satisfaction of the mind, continuosly making the world a better place. Happiness is ultimately determined in the heart and mind. Thinking in this way, we believe that emotion is the ultimate form of reward. Since emotions have no resource limitations, they can be infinitely generated.

People are "happy" when they work with excitement, and this "happiness" is infectious to others. With emotion as a starting point, happiness can spread around the world. That is our vision.

We want to realize our dream by conveying to others the true "power of games" to move people's hearts and minds.

We see our smartphone games as a form of entertainment with "power to move people's hearts" and thus a product with the ultimate form of reward. We aim to create value by supplying the best products in the growing smartphone game market.

The power to move people's hearts can be deployed in many fields other than entertainment. We aim to apply this power in the real world, helping change peoples lives to bring excitement and joy, with the aim of developing a society that rewards through emotion.

Finally, let me explain about our dream of becoming a "great company." We do not assess greatness simply by measuring revenues or the number of employeees.

Greatness comes from having a belief in invisible concepts such as philosophy and true meaning, as well acknowledging what is visible to you. In striving to create great value, we gather earnest team members, help each other, and take advantage of our talents -- all in the pursuit of greatnes. Greatness is an organizational concept.
Having these organizational characteristics, we believe that we can create great products, achieve strong growth, and continue delivering great value to the world.

-- A Great Organization With Excitement and Connections --

That is what Akatsuki is aiming for in our organization.
・Actively invest in staff. People are our greatest asset.
・Invest in invisible values like communications and trust.
・Invest for the long haul, not just the short-term.
We believe these characteristics most important, not to be forgotten as we progress forward.

We view going public as the starting line for our corporate journey. We intend to focus our energies, apply disciplined management, and deliver long-term growth and raise our enterprise value.

We are a pure and youthful company with a big dream.
And we are earnest in our aim to realize our vision. We hope shareholders will join us for what is likely to be a long, challenging, but wonderful journey as we realize our vision,
We humbly thank you for your support and guidance.

The new value symbol for the new era

March 2016
Chief Executive Officer
Genki Shiota